Longer straw

One of the best things about our current house is the proximity to Homestead Park. We have the option of the “little playground” or the “dinosaur playground,” as well as a pool, a dog park, basketball courts, lots of ball fields, and a skate park. Endless entertainment. The girls and I took a long walk to all the sites this weekend while Tommy did the taxes. I definitely got the longer straw this time.


Rain rain go away

It feels like it has been raining incessantly here for the last several weeks, which is really hard on Maggie because it means she just has to stay inside the house all the time. She is now off immunosuppression, but it is still flu season and her immune system is not normal, so she is not yet able to fully join society. Laney and Maggie and I did sneak out to Duke Gardens a few weeks ago during better weather, but we are oh-so-ready for a sunnier springtime.