Life is feeling a little Groundhog Day lately –
Maggie has managed to stay out of the doctor’s offices for a few weeks but is still a constant struggle of draining ears and scraped feet and physical therapy. Next week she has xrays, pulmonary testing, nerve testing, an MRI, labs, etc. But she is happy through it all.
Laney is growing up but seems to have unfortunately finally learned the squeaky wheel rule.
Kaya is finishing her last few weeks of first grade and joined the swim team, which pretty much takes up all waking hours. They’ve also all developed a new obsession with popsicles.
And somehow we found ourselves moving houses again, this time to a lovely house in the woods that Tommy’s parents bought but are sharing with us to save some money while our house is being built. Would be great except they seem to hate it.
Tommy escaped for a week for a sailing trip that he desperately needed.
And I manage to work mostly full-time these days but never accomplish anything creative. I answer a lot of emails though.
Perhaps I should drink my coffee before I write blog posts. Overall we are fine, which is a great thing to be nearly one year post transplant.


Double pictures

The photography people have really figured out how to get money out of me. They now take school pictures twice a year – once in the fall, and then a class picture in the spring. But they reshoot the individual pictures in the spring as well, and send them home to see, and gosh darnit if Kaya doesn’t look super cute to me in every picture I see. So I buy them both! So here is spring of first grade – growing up!


Poplar Point

The Rose family (including Maggie and her new immune system) went camping last weekend with our old preschool friends Fiona and Eric (and their parentals). It was great, except we had to skip that 1-2 hour period where you stay up and drink by the fire after the kids go to bed because it was storming. But we managed to get a good lake swim (not Maggie, of course), and have hot dogs and s’mores. I even saw Maggie’s fingernails be dirty for maybe the first time in her life! This is a picture of her eating her 47th cheese puff. Hair is getting long enough for pigtails!