Lake beach

While Yoya and Dylan snuck off for an anniversary “hike” while we were camping, we took the girls down to the lake beach. It was perfect weather (although the water was a bit cold) and Kaya loves playing in the sand. The only thing missing was Max, who wasn’t allowed on the beach and instead had to go “hiking.”


The Kingdom 6

We took the girls camping this weekend at Hanging Rock State Park with Yoya and Dylan. ┬áThe weather was absolutely perfect and we got to try out our new SUV of a tent. Poor Yoya and Dylan had to sleep super close to our whiny children and our mammoth tent! (I also want to point out that every other family in the campground also had a Kingdom 6). Yoya tried to escape but couldn’t make it all the way up Hanging Rock.

DSC_1446 DSC_1497


Six month birthdays mean time for solids! So far Laney has had some sweet potatoes, which may have made her tummy hurt. Next up: apple sauce (although not too much because the first time we gave Kaya applesauce, she didn’t poop for 4 days).


May the force be with you

Yoya beat me to uploading this picture and already put it on Facebook, but I can’t resist the blog addition as well. The force was not with the Bulls last weekend as they lost by 1 on Saturday night. And Kaya is clearly not a stormtrooper fan.



Dylan taught Kaya how to put the metal thing in the crack of rocks that climbers use so they don’t fall. This post would make a lot more sense if I knew what it was called. ┬áBut Kaya placed this one herself!