Pandemic Hair

Add ‘hairdressing’ as another skill to which Tommy has demonstrated remarkable proficiency. This incredible ability to be good at everything could be annoying to some, but given that I benefit from it daily, I choose to live in a state between awe and gratitude. Today he gave 4 haircuts (myself and the 3 older girls) – he also has become an adept dog groomer. And it was the most scenic haircut I’ve ever had, as well.

Sudden glasses interest

Maggie has had glasses for over a year but her ophthalmologist told us to “let her wear them if she wants to.” So, she has wore them for maybe 10 minutes total. But, Cousin Baby Ben has a very adorable pair of blue glasses, so Maggie has a newfound love of her own glasses.

Mayhem and Bliss

Tommy needed a few hours respite, so I decided I would SuperMom it and take all 4 girls hiking and then swim at the Eno. It was moderately successful – it was so crowded at Fews Ford that I was uncomfortable with my ability to socially distance everyone, so we parked up the Eno a ways and walked along the river until we found a place that was safe for the kids to play in the water. Maggie was a bit of a handful while holding a newborn and there was some chaos, but there were also moments of bliss. This blissful picnic moment captured on film.