Backpack style

Kaya is too heavy to Bjorn and carry around on our chests anymore, but obviously not walking yet and still needs to be carried everywhere.  So, we upgraded to the backpack style carrier and she loves it!  Now as  soon as it stops snowing in Boston, we can go hiking!



Kaya has been quite bummed the last couple days since she realized that her new buddy was not a permanent addition to the Rose house.  Baby Emerson Trey is 7 weeks younger than Kaya, and the baby of Tommy’s friend from high school Carlos and his wife Stephanie.  Carlos impressively took the baby on a trip all by himself for a whole 48 hours – a rare feat for a daddy and baby so young.  He weathered it well, although I think he was ready to go home after two days of single parenting.  The babies didn’t play together too much, but we’re sure they won’t be able to keep their hands off each other for many years to come.  Penpals in the meantime?

Friends7 copy Friends5 copy

Gaping smile alert!

Emerson Trey and his dad Carlos are visiting from DC this week.  I’m babysitting tonight while Tommy and Carlos are out on the town.  Kaya’s asleep, so it’s just baby Trey and I keeping the party going – but he sure knows how to party!EmersonTrey