Happy Halloween from the Paw Patrol

Halloween is my very favorite holiday and this year we were very thankful to all be safe and healthy enough to trick or treat. The neighborhood coordinated a socially distanced trick or treat route, and most houses left candy at the foot of their driveway. The girls got more than usual, actually. Paw Patrol is on a roll!

Porch carving

Rose family carving happened this weekend on the back porch. Kaya is finally old enough to pull out some pumpkin innards on her own and she made a “Coronavirus” pumpkin. Maggie freaked out when she realized we were thinking of cutting apart her pumpkin, so we only carved two this year!

Gravel gap

We ran into impervious surface limits for our new house, which left us with a huge central driveway gap and a skinny driveway. This was impossible to drive on without the car falling into the gap, and it was pretty much an emergency to fill it with some gravel. So everyone pitched in! And grandpa only grumbled a little about us using his truck for gravel hauling.

The perfect patient

We think the world of UNC audiology – and I am so impressed with my little Maggie, who has the concentration and patience to sit through a LONG audiology exam every few months. She is doing great and talking up a storm these days. (And, notice her beautiful new haircut).

COVID soccer fans

We skipped spring soccer due to COVIDophobia, but decided to let the girls play this fall. It seems pretty safe compared to general school/daycare, and we watched most of the games from the back of the pickup truck. A new definition of tailgating.