Chase is on the case!

We took the girls to a Paw Patrol Trampoline Bounce this past weekend where Chase and Marshall bounced alongside a hundred or so children aged 1-5. It was pretty much mayhem, but the kids had a blast, followed by story time with the characters.

Calling it a win

Today marked the first time I tried to take the 3 kids out without Tommy, although it hardly counts since Grandma Baba helped out for most of the day. We went to Touch a Truck at Southpoint – the girls were not so interested in any of the trucks (Kaya sat in the trash truck and we all got in the Durham public bus…and that was about it). Kaya did really enjoy watching the helicopter take off, the bounce house, begging for popsicles, and facepainting. Laney refused face painting and got about 1 foot into the bounce house before she freaked out, but I think she had a good time. Maggie slept despite the super loud truck horns. Then we had lunch at CPK, played in the mall play area, went out for frozen yogurt where we ran into a friend, and went to the Cedar Falls Playground. And I think that we may have made it through the day without all 3 kids crying at once – I’ll call it a win. Now it’s 8:03pm, all 3 girls are asleep, and I’m exhausted!


Tummy Time

There is something so pitiful about watching a newborn do tummy time. Maggie actually tolerates it better than the other girls did, but still only lasts about 3 minutes before she starts to wail. I can give her a pacifier to, you know, pacify her, but then she falls asleep and that sorta defeats the purpose. She is gaining weight like a champ (over 8 lbs today!) but her neck muscles still have a long way to come.


Maggie is starting to learn to sleep more than 2 hours at a time. Last night, I was pretty excited when I woke up and it had been almost 4 hours. Unfortunately, though, I woke up because Laney had snuck into my room and climbed in bed with us, which then woke Maggie up. I had to turn on a dim light so I could see in order to tend to Maggie, and then Laney started screaming “too bright! too bright!” I tried to convince her to return to her dark, spacious bed in her own room but she preferred to just complain about the accommodations in our room. Her eventual solution? Sleeping like this.