Camp Kanata

Tommy had a bit of a moment dropping Kaya off at sleep away camp – our baby is seriously growing up. She is going to Camp Kanata for one week and it looks awesome – kind of like the North Carolina version of Dirty Dancing. There’s a lake, horses, cabins, a mess hall, canoes, mosquitoes, and “gaga pits” which I haven’t figured out yet. Have a great time Kaya!


Officially a swimmer

A big congratulations to Kaya for passing the swim test. She has been working very hard the last two summers to get her skills up to be allowed down the slide at the Farm pool and in the deep end by herself. The big hurdle was treading water for 60 seconds. She finally got up the courage to take the test and passed with flying colors. Congrats Kaya! Now she just needs to get the courage to actually go down the slide!