Orly is starting to outgrow her newborn size clothes and I’m DEVASTATED. These strawberry pajamas, for example, get me every time. I keep putting her in them, because I am worried they won’t fit next time, and I just want to cuddle my baby in her strawberry pajamas forever. All the girls have worn them, and I’m so sad that the era of strawberry pajamas is ending. I’ve already decided that I’m saving all my favorite outfits from the baby years and making a memory quilt to bring with me to my nursing home. Everyone else in the world wants time to hurry up and get back to non-COVID times, and I just want time to STOP (maybe the day after Penny is reliably house trained).

Baby blankets

Ever since Kaya was born, the girls have been receiving birthday gifts from Tommy’s parents’ friends Hobie and Mary. Every year on each of their birthdaays, without fail, a seemingly perfect birthday gift arrives. I believe Kaya is the only one that has actually met them (maybe Laney), and she doesn’t remember anything from that experience, but boy do they know the names “Hobie and Mary” – the magical gift senders. Additionally, Mary sends a handmade blanket every time we have a baby. And this picture is all the girls with their respective baby blankets – many thanks to them for all the gifts over all these years.

We are always very liberal with screen time at the beach, since the kids are SO ACTIVE the rest of the time and actually really need a chill out period of time (and I don’t feel like participating in my go-to ones at home like reading books or playing games). I believe Maggie and Laney watched Frozen every day at the beach – yet they are still mesmerized.