Pee Wee Returns

After almost a year in the doghouse, Maggie is now healthy enough for 4-legged guests. Here is Pee Wee enjoying her rightful spot by the fire.


Riding for purpose

Kaya finally has enough common sense and enough skill at bike riding that we can cover some distance in the neighborhood. So, during naptime the other day when her sisters were sleeping, she and I took a nice ride down to Pop’s to enjoy some cheesecake and french fries!


Stop, drop, and rest

Maggie has gotten a lot of her stamina back, but she doesn’t have the endless energy typical of a 2 year old. She will play, play, play, and then all of a sudden, get tired. And it doesn’t matter where she is or how uncomfortable the surface, sometimes she just needs to take a rest.

2019-03-03 13.19.52.jpg